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Made in England Directory is a pro-active online platform dedicated to showcasing and promoting English Art and Artisan Creativity in all its’ forms.

We promote English creative talent via our extensive online network with daily, weekly and monthly outreach to media, consumer, trade and professional communities, markets, forums and events.

Our free subscriptions offer an industry-leading range of pro-active promotional services  and opportunities that allow you to concentrate on what you do best – create new and exciting art and artisan produce.

We don’t just operate across the digital world; you’ll also find us at leading art, craft and creative events up and down the country where we engage in face-to-face networking to promote your work.

We encourage you to send us regular news of your activities, exhibitions and events and details of your latest work so we can promote you via our wide-ranging online network. The more information you provide to us, the more we can do to help you.

Made in England Directory Promo Activity

Sign up to the Made in England Directory to take advantage of the following promotional services, all of which are free to subscribers: 

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All subscribers are featured on a rotating daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure every Subscriber receives equal promo activity and end-user attention.

Made in England Directory Advertising Opportunities

Made in England Directory offers cost-effective advertising and feature placement across all our online platforms. See our Advertise With Us page for advert sizes and positions and to take advantage of our highly-competitive rates. Click here to download our full rate card (PDF) with details of Web, eCast and Social Media advertising opportunities.

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