‘Real’ food on the rise

‘Real’ food on the rise

Interest in ‘real’ food and real-life experience is growing while the virtual world is losing its lustre.

Consumers now demand ‘real’ food and ‘real’ lifestyle enjoyment and are increasingly turning away from manufactured big-brand offerings.

Locally-produced artisan food and drink is booming, especially among younger consumers and city-dwellers, 62% of who say they regularly buy organic, artisan or free-from goods. 

While big-brand entertainment is falling out of fashion, creative industries are thriving with UK art and craft sales at £12.6bn in 2017. 

Helen Kelly, founder of MadeInEngland.Directory, says: “In these times of change and uncertainty people want something ‘traditional’ and real’. They’re turning away from big brands and mass-produced goods and increasingly want food, drink, art and lifestyle items that are hand-made using traditional methods.”

Artisan Food is the fastest-growing segment of UK’s food and drink industry, employing 200,000 people and generating annual sales of £8.4bn. 

Artisan producers across 10 core areas (dairy, meats, preserves, beverages, confectionary, etc) are driving industry growth of around 10% a year.

Artists producing work in 10 core mediums (fine art, ceramics, sculpture, etc) support an industry that employs 250,000 people and generates £9.2bn each year.

“Over 400,000 people work in these industries and many have found it hard to promote their products because, to date, necessary support has not existed,” says Helen Kelly.

www.MadeInEngland.Directory is a online marketplace for English Artists and Artisan Food Producers to promote their products to a global audience.

A pro-active marketing platform that promotes hundreds of creative and artisan enterprises, it provides a unique range of multi-format services that have previously been lacking in these industries.

“The wealth and prosperity of a country is based on innovation,” says Helen. “Artists and Artisan Producers are a key driver of the UK economy, their combined enterprise not only add billions to the UK economy – their creativity fuels good health and well-being across the whole of society.”

Learn more about 'real' food at: https://www.soilassociation.org/organic-living/organic-farming/

Discover unique art, craft and artisan food at: https://www.madeinengland.directory/directory

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Posted on 15 May 2019 by MinE Team

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