Metal Art: Pewter Casting

Metal Art: Pewter Casting

Discover the art of pewter casting using the ancient ‘lost wax method’.

Make a sculpture from wax or clay to cast in pewter. Explore and experiment with new sculpture techniques.

What is Pewter? It’s a silver coloured metal alloy containing over 90% tin with copper and bismuth to strengthen it. Traditionally it would contain lead but the pewter we use is lead free so it’s less toxic to melt and work.

Why use pewter? It’s a soft metal so it’s easy to cut and hammer. It can be cast in parts and easily welded together with a soldering iron. It polishes well to a silvery mirror finish.

What can you make with Pewter? Traditionally it was used for cups and plates but it can also be used to cast sculptures and is very good for making thin intricate work. It also works well combined with wood or stone.

What equipment do I need? Pewter has a low melting point (around 200 degrees) which means it can easily be melted on an electric cooking ring. You can cast your own work without having to use or set up a big metal casting foundry.

Metal Art: Pewter Casting

This is a 4 day course:

Day one - Experiment with different waxes to make a small sculpture to cast. You may also bring in a wax you have already made to cast

Day two - Add casting ‘runners’ and ‘risers’ to your wax sculptures in preparation for casting, then make plaster moulds burn out in an oven.

Day three - Cast in pewter and clean up your casts.

Day four - Finish your artwork, polishing patination, welding and cold working of pewter. How to set up your own pewter casting works.

It is essential to wear old clothes and strong footwear. Beginners and experienced are welcome!

The cost of this course includes 1 kilo of pewter, any additional will be charged at £32 per kilo. Course cost: £269

Number of places available: 12

Tutor: Robert Worley (RCA)

Pewter Casting: London Sculpture Workshop

Unit Zero, Harrington Way, London SE18 5NR

Sat 10 & Sun 11 Feb 2018, 10:00

Sun 17 & Sun 18 Feb 2018, 10:00

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