Artisan Food Boom

Creative, net-savvy, small-scale and locally based, these Artisan Food producers are making a notable impact on the UK food and drink sector, as well as helping to drive a wider growth in the profits of SME’s. 

The increase has been driven by changing tastes of the British consumer, who is increasingly attracted to more sophisticated and unique tastes rather than the mass-market food products that have dominated the retail sector for so long. 

This, in turn, has led to increasing demand for luxury and niche products created by smaller manufacturers.

In addition, there has been growing interest in local produce which artisan manufacturers have been perfectly positioned to take advantage of.

The market is not just for the affluent either – research indicates that the market is continuing to grow despite recent inflation beginning to make a real impact on consumer behaviour

Consumers from across the spectrum are looking for alternatives to huge weekly supermarket spends – and the small scale and low operating costs of these versatile artisan companies are playing to their advantage.

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Posted on 05 Nov 2018 by MinE Team

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