Alix Fauvel Cakesmith

Alix specialises in hand painted designs. She also produces seasonal ranges for retailers, award-winning confectionery and can be seen at her event pop-up café.

Based in a converted outbuilding at her home in Cranborne, Alix's artisan cakes are sold in Selfridges, Daylesford, independents + online sales 

Artisan Christmas Cake

A Cakesmith's Christmas starts early. Beginning in July, vine fruits, dates, prunes, figs, apricots, cranberries & pears are bathed in sherry to become drunkenly plump. 

Using local free range eggs, British butter and flour, nuts, spices, black treacle and orange zest, the cake mix is prepared before baking slowly and gently. 

Over the next few months the cakes are regularly fed with a little tipple of brandy as they mature to perfection ready for Christmas.

Each iced cake is hand painted; no stencils, cutters or mass-produced decorations. No two are the same.

Not a fan of icing? Try a boozy bejewelled cake, crowned with a generous topping of glazed fruit & nuts – absolutely delicious with cheese.

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Posted on 08 Nov 2018 by MinE Team

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