Poldark Cream fudge

Cornish Cream

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Poldark Cream fudge

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Poldark Cream fudge (170g) is a delicious soft fudge made with Cornish clotted cream with a hint of vanilla. 

Individually wrapped for freshness.

Cornish Cream produce of a range of artisan confectionery, cream liqueurs, preserves, chutney and chilli sauce, including the well known “Cornish Lust” and “Copper Pan”.

Other products include:

Clotted Cream Shortbread - These delicious shortbread biscuits are made right here in Cornwall using the freshest, local Cornish clotted cream and real butter sourced from a farm down the road. Crumbly, creamy and light, these biscuits are a wonderful treat for any occasion

Cornish Lust - A delicious Strawberry and Cream Liqueur. Serve chilled over ice or with your favourite ice cream. Made with a wine base and a ‘little Cornish magic’ produces a light, refreshing drink that’s hard to beat! 15% Vol.

Cornish Nevek - Nevek is the Cornish word for heavenly and is a delicious Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Serve chilled over ice or with your favourite ice cream and you will experience a delightful smooth texture with a hint of chocolate. 15% Vol

Cornish Sunset - A unique Sparkling Bubbly made with the juice of fresh strawberries. Created for a lunch time drink in the sun or a pre dinner appetizer, Cornish Sunset has become popular at any social occasion from Christmas and New Year. 8.3% Vol

Haymakers Scrumpy Cider - Cornish Cream’s very own apple cider, made in the traditional Cornish way. Still and smooth with a punch! 6% alcohol

For more details or to purchase, contact producer:

Cornish Cream

 29 Fore Street, St Ives, 

Cornwall, TR26 1AB

Telephone: 01736 795596

Contact Creator direct for full details, price and purchase.

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