Decorative Fused Glass and Drift Wood Sailing Boats

Glassic Glass

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Decorative Fused Glass and Drift Wood Sailing Boats. Each fused glass sail incorporates a range of colours and glass elements, such as frit, mica powder, metallics, stringers and tangles. Every sail is individually cut and elements are added before fusing. Nichrome wire is fused between each glass sail, which is then attached to a drift wood mast. The base of each boat is also made from dirft wood. These boats are perfect for display in many areas of the home and office. the reflective elements of the glass pick up natural and artificial light when placed on a windowsill, near a lamp or near a candle. Small boats measure 15x15cm. Medium boats measure 20x20cm. Large boats measure 25x25cm. Prices vary from £10 / £15 / £20. Contact artist direct via email or website:

Contact Creator direct for full details, price and purchase.

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