Made in England Directory was established to promote and support creativity and innovation across the English Art, Craft and Artisan Food communities. We provide a pro-active online marketplace for creative talent working in all genres to showcase their talents. Our easy-to-use platform helps you to discover and buy unique creations that defy convention.

A Vision of England

At the core of our vision is the desire to support English talent. Amid a better connected world, we are compelled to foster an even brighter future for our country’s finest emerging talent. Below the surface of England’s most famous artists, craftspeople and artisan food producers there are generations of undiscovered talent who deserve to find an audience for their masterpieces.

Artistic Community

Made in England functions as an online showcase that allows English talent to promote their creations to potential customers.  Creatives  can set up a profile to be displayed within our Artists or Artisan Food pages. This enables prospective customers to learn more before they buy produce or artwork from you. 

Advertise Your Work

After setting up a profile, you will then have access to start adding your creations to our Directory section. There, it is possible to assign specific categories to the work you wish to sell.

Sell Your Work

Visitors to our site will be directed to your website via your individual profile and/pr product listing page. Potential customers will find it simple to view your work and buy directly from you. Made in England is giving you an online marketplace to add a picture of your creation, a product description and a guide price. 


Artisan Food Producers can promote and sell their creations to a huge potential market via our worldwide online footprint. Categories include: Dairy, Farm Shop, Charcuterie, Free From, Confectionery, Preserves, Seafood, Beverages, Bakery, Organic, Fruit & Vegetables.


English painters can use Made in England as a means of stepping up to the professional level. Whether you adore traditional styles or prefer to employ modern techniques, this is where you will have the freedom to share your work.


Among our English sculptors, there is a sense of freedom to explore all sizes, styles and mediums. And this creates a perfect balance where sculptors can express themselves and where art lovers can find works that meet their tastes.


The level of mastery required in this art form is truly astonishing. In our community, a glass artist can leave behind the frustration of advertising their art and focus on creating their finest works.


Creators of sculptures, carvings and wooden wall art are welcome to advertise their work at Made in England. This art form is now drawing even greater attention thanks to the innovative efforts exhibited by leading wood artists.


From classic to contemporary, there are many possibilities in textiles. And there is no better way for English textile artists to explore their ideas than by showcasing their work here.


For thousands of years, artists have been using ceramics as a creative medium. And this art form is still thriving today for English ceramic artists, whether they prefer materials like stoneware, earthenware or porcelain.


Made in England is an all-encompassing online community for the creatively minded. There are no limits on the mediums that can be explored. Therefore, you should also showcase your creations if you are a metal artist, jewellery maker, upcycling enthusiast or a producer of handcrafted gifts.


Use the signup link provided to create your artist account. The steps are laid out clearly, but please contact us if you have any questions about joining Made in England.

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